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Transform your self into your best Version in 30days! Includes weight loss - more energy - build muscle - rid of bad habits -longevity and a younger and thinner you.
(One office session - and three virtual sessions)
  1. Are you constantly craving sugary things?
  2. Do you feel sluggish throughout the day?
  3. Are you having skin changes?
  4. Are you way moodier than usual?
  5. Have you been putting on some weight?
  6. Have you been getting more cavities?
  7. Your brain tends to get foggy, especially after a meal?
  8. Nothing tastes as sweet as it used to?
  9. You get sluggish in the mid-afternoon
  10. You work out and you get the same results

Bonus - You have tried dieting and your right back in the same spot?

If you have answered YES to most of these then the #Lifestyle30 is the Plan for YOU!

Get off the Yo Yo diet roller coaster and learn what the Expert does to achieve Optimal health and proper weight. Experience and Science proven by RESULTS!


Phase 1.

  1. Full assessment of food log.
  2. BMI and Body Fat testing
  3. Family history and intake
  4. Waist circumference and measurements
  5. Full instructional list of which foods to avoid
  6. E-mail support

Phase 2.

  1. Full food log review with e-mail support
  2. Detailed instructions on which foods to include daily and what times to eat to reach optimal metabolism
  3. A Monday thru Sunday list of foods to stock up on.
  4. Learn where to buy Organic food at the Best price

Phase 3.

  1. A detailed customized Monday through Sunday foods and times to eat according to your work out and lifestyle.
  2. Virtual weigh in
  3. Exciting new recipes and spices to blow your taste buds out of the water!
  4. Email support

Phase 4.

  1. List of foods to incorporate prior to work out and post work out
  2. Stress Management tools along with secrets to manage your busy life style
  3. Follow up virtual weigh in
  4. Learn what supplements protect and enhance longevity
  5. Know your environment Expert nutritionist will guide you to Safe guarding your home from toxic chemicals
  6. How staying positive is the best way to stay Healthy
  7. Virtual Weigh in and monitor food log.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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