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Being experts in nutrition, we ground our success on one thing – trust. Ms. Dello, Manhasset Nutritionist has an inherent dedication to keeping clients out of unhealthy lifestyle and fad diets, so they can live healthier and happier lives.

1000+ Satisfied Clients

When it comes to all your nutritional needs; whether for weight loss, anti-aging, diet plans, or recipe ideas, we consistently work in the best way that we can to assist you in every process successfully.

20+ years of Experience

With over two decades of exceptional expertise, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled nutritional breakthroughs.

Expert Nutritionist based in Manhasset New York, Maria Dello

About Maria Dello

Maria Dello is a certified nutritionist from the American Health Science University and a member of NANP, Ms. Dello is considered an expert in her field and has over twenty years of experience. Our goal is to combine the best of nutrition and the latest, cutting-edge technologies along with the needed support and guidance for you and your family to achieve optimal health.

It is important to look at the whole person, both physically and emotionally so that optimal healing may take place. Our focus is to teach, guide and educate every individual that walks in our door or visits our website. It is also our hope that each individual keeps spreading the news about the benefits of good nutrition.

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DelloNutritional Offers Virtual Consultation

Shed the Pandemic 15

Lose weight in the comfort of your home with our very own program customized for each one's needs.

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Build your Immunity

Strengthen yourself and get educated on the right thing to do when so that you can get yourself protected during this dire time.

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Relieve Stress

When you don't get enough sleep you can get very sick and it will result to stress. Get into our program and see how you can get the best sleep of your life.

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What Our Patients Say

Enhance your Immunity from Prevention of Viruses

Stress/Mood Support


Best Strategies And Foods For Stress Management

Stress affects your health in several ways. There is a good chance stress is affecting your health in ways you do not realize. You may think decreased productivity at work, trouble sleeping, anger and headaches. Over time, chronic stress can lead to serious health issues, including depression, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. 

From ‘Free Range’ To ‘Free Roaming’ America’s Labeling

In today’s busy world we aspire to eat healthy and stay fit. Now more than ever, supermarkets are flooded with products labeled “organic,” “all natural,” “free-range,” but what do they actually mean? Does the consumer really know what they are paying for? I wanted to share some definitions that clarify the meaning of these terms.

Tips on How You Can Keep Your Immune System Vital During Coronavirus

  During this difficult time I wanted to give you five health tips to keep your immune system high, so let's take ...
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