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DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners) – Dellonutritionals Inc.
DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners)
DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners)
DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners)
DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners)
DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners)
DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners)
DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners)

DNA Pro Fit (Only Sold Through Health Practitioners)

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Take the guesswork out of dieting! 

Wondering why you can't lose weight? 

How is your metabolism, carbs, caffeine, alcohol, and fats? What's the perfect diet for your genetic profile? Here is your answer! 

DNA PRO FIT- The  most comprehensive DNA test yet - only available to buy from authorized Health Professionals.

✔ One test that gives you a life-time of information. As genetic science advances, you’ll understand more and more about your body

✔ Although you can’t change your genes, you can use this knowledge to optimise your lifestyle for positive results

✔ Personalise your diet and training plans for faster, more sustainable, long-term results

✔ Remove the guesswork from  your diet and exercise routine - saving you precious time and money

Here’s what you’ll get with Pro Fit

Diet Report 
Ideal diet type, intolerances and macronutrient response

Fitness Report
Power vs endurance response, injury risk & recovery time

Wellness Report
Stress tolerance, chronotype, sleep quality & caffeine response

Obesity Report
Genetic predisposition to weight gain & obesity

DNAfit is an award-winning global genetics company owned by the Prenetics group. We offer you a smarter, easier and more effective solution to health and fitness.

We took cutting-edge, genetic science out of the lab and put it to good use in the real world. Our goal is to change the way people approach diet and exercise, one DNA sample at a time. Why? To help each and every one of us look and feel like the exceptional individuals that we are.

DNAfit is not just any genetics company. We hold your hand every step of the way on your wellness journey, because we understand how overwhelming the world of health, fitness and nutrition can be.

With DNAfit, you’ll always have somewhere to turn if you need advice, motivation or a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Since we began in 2013, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people understand how their DNA affects their response to exercise and nutritional changes.

We’re aware that the field of genetics is in its infancy. However, we’ve put in place a strict code of practice to ensure that our results are reliable and accurate. We work with experts in genetic and sports science, nutrition and a number of professional athletes and have a robust Scientific Advisory Board that continuously conducts research into the genes included in our test.

We use hundreds of studies to bring you the genetic information in the DNAfit report. We will never include a gene in our report unless it has at least three peer-reviewed studies which show the link between the gene and its effect on health, fitness or nutrition. We’re also the only direct-to-consumer genetics company to have an independent peer-reviewed study conducted on our genetic algorithm.

Order your Pro Fit kit today

Take our easy to use saliva swab at home (or anywhere!)

Send to our accredited laboratories in the mail.

Your results are ready within 30 business days.

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