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Boost your Immune System During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I am getting many requests from patients with regard to what they can do to protect themselves from getting or dealing with the coronavirus.

First of all, avoiding it is the best defense. Maintaining a high rate of hand washing is key. Not touching your face or eyes is very important as well. I hope we continue to wash our hands indefinitely.

Maintain a healthy immune system! The immune system is the built-in marine corp that protects us from enemy invaders. It is literally everywhere in your body and the majority of the immune cells are in and around the gastrointestinal tract. Poor sleep, drinking too much, overexposure to blue light, chronic inflammation, lack of exercise and stress all dampen the immune response.

Getting out in the sun and doing the opposite of the above can be very helpful. Keeping up with your nutrition as stimulating your immune system through supplementation has an incredible effect on overall vitality and wellness. And by trying to keep an overall routine and eating a clean diet that includes fresh greens, organic protein and avoiding sugar, alcohol and chemicals. Eating a diet that's plentiful in natural foods can only help with your immune system, and remember, always read labels.

This is a time to think of the positives- check on a loved one, meditate, eat healthy and connect with fresh air and nature. This too shall pass and remember to keep prayer in your life. 

For all those who need any nutritional assistance please reach out to us, we are now practicing by Virtual appointments and now for your convenience please check out "Ask the Nutritionist" on

Below are the recommended products for immune system support. These are all great products. Remember, they are supplements, not cures. Use them to assist your body in creating a robust immune response to invaders.
And if your feeling stressed or overwhelmed - Hemplucid's Full Spectrum CBD in MCT Oil.

I am happy to share my online dispensary called FULLSCRIPT with anyone who wants it. There you can order these products with guaranteed purity, free shipping and 10% off.

Keep Calm and Keep Clean

In Good Health,

Maria Dello-Dellonutritionals

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