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Tips for Eating Healthy

“I suggest to many of my clients that they take the word “Diet” our of their vocabulary and look at their meals as a 'Meal Plan for Good Health.'” - Maria Dello

  1. Eat when you are hungry, not when food appears before you. Look into the quality of food before you can eat. Does this food deserve to go into and become part of you?
  2. Develop a more discerning palate. Eat what tastes and feels good to you.
  3. Try to eat clean natural foods. Reduce the toxic load. Buy organic and harmone-free food, when available.
  4. Clear your emotional plate before you eat. Breathe first, then chew, and no watching TV or talking on the phone when eating.
  5. Eating at the right times. Try eating at the same time everyday and never near bedtime, for better digestion.
  6. Portions should be balanced: 1/3 of protein, vegetables and carbohydrate each. (for carbohydrate meal only.).
  7. No fake fats: hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated fats.
  8. Drinking eight glasses of water is a must, (away from meals).

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